We personally do not see living in a small space as being stressful; although it entails been constrained in so many ways. We see it as an avenue of bringing your creativity and talent into play. Here are 5 ways our team recommends styling your small space.

1. Natural light

If you were innovative and willing to improve on your current small home, you would be amazed how well your space would turn out. Natural light is an absolute essential when bringing life to your tiny space. To live successfully in a small space, it is expedient that you have bright and excellent ideas are all that is required to live in a small home.

2. Customized furniture

If you live in a small place, I would advise that you should consider customizing your furniture, kitchen, and other household equipment. Keeping everything compact and simple should be part of your lifestyle. When build custom pieces, you can ensure that every inch of your space is being utilized to its full capacity. You can even make it look bigger if you are smart about it!

3. Organization

With the right ideas and proper planning, living in a small home can be made very pleasurable to live in. If you are a workaholic and a well organized individual who loves arranging things in an orderly manner, living in a small space will put your strengths to the test. It is important that every item should have a specific place so when it comes to tidying, there is no clutter.

4. Mirrors, mirrors, mirrors!

Every good designer knows that mirrors always make a space look much larger than it actually is. Mirrors can be hung on the wall, rested on the floor, perched on a dresser, and so on. There is no excuse for not having an accent mirror in your space, especially when you can now purchase customized sizes.

5. Plants

Freshen up your space with a little greenery. Not only are plants known to better the oxogen in our house, they are also reported to improve a persons mood by 57%. The green color is always a nice touch and can go with any design. Remember, all plants need care and attention – so while you are admiring your beautiful new small space, make sure to water them!