How to Choose a Perfect Desk for Your Home Office

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Tips and tricks to help you find the ideal home office desk

Creating a home office is a great idea since you can fully customize and decorate it the way you want. There are all kinds of different options, each with its fair share of features and ideas. Which brings the question, how can you choose the right home office desk? Should you go with a home office desk with storage or a corner desk? Let’s find out the right ways to select a good desk for your home office today.

Identify the ideal desk size

It’s very important to take some measurements and see what kind of space you are working with. On average, the home office desk height is around 29 to 30'' high. Some desks can get even larger, depending on the model. Another thing to note here is the overall space you can work on. Some desks have 47'', others are much longer. So yes, you do want to see what kind of desk fits your home office, just to ensure everything is ok.

What material should your home office desk be made of?

You can find desks made out of wood, but those are rare and expensive. Most of them are made from MDF or laminated particle boards. MDF tends to be the better option because it’s affordable and also pretty strong, you also have multiple finishes. Metal options are available, they are fire and waterproof, but they can scratch the floors and also end up being harder to manage.

l-shaped computer desk office desk with monitor shelves and storage shelves

Desk types you can choose from

What you’ll notice when you shop around for a home office desk is that there are tons of different options to consider. A desk on wheels is very affordable, but it can be hard to stick it to a single place, then again it works great for those that want a portable desk. A corner desk is better for people with limited space and who need to make the most out of every nook and cranny.

If you want a study desk or just a regular home office desk, you can choose a standing desk model. These don’t need you to sit, instead, you can stand and work, which is great for your health. There are also treadmill desks for the home office, even if they are more expensive they are very good for your health. And then you also have computer desks, built to withstand, the PC or laptop weight, these also have a keyboard tray, storage space for various accessories, etc. 

Desk designs and styles

You will notice that you can find a home office desk covering pretty much any style and design you want. There are more traditional desks, but also glam options, industrial home office desks, contemporary, modern, and even vintage desks. Of course, each one covers its own price point, so you really want to pick the better option to suit your needs.

kitchen baker rack with wheel standing desk with storage shelves and side hooks

What budget should you have for a good home office desk?

As we said, it all depends on what you want, the space you are working with and also extra features you may require from your desk. The cheapest home office desks can be $20 to $100, however, you can find some that are well over $1000, especially when we are talking about vintage or hardwood models. The great thing is that you can find a good home office desk without having to spend a massive amount of money. It’s all about creating a list with the requests you have, and what you need and then shopping appropriately. You can stick to a specific budget, but sometimes you may have to lose some features just to stick to a certain price point.

Think about ergonomics

In recent years, more and more manufacturers started focusing on things like ergonomics. It’s easy to see why, because people sit for a lot of hours without moving. That’s why adding ergonomics to any home office desk is a major plus. Try to see what kind of ergonomics-focused features a particular desk might have, as it can make a huge difference.

Do you have any extra storage space?

Since you work at home, you want to ensure that there’s plenty of space in your desk to store anything you want. After all, the more storage space you get, the better. It’s a very good idea to check and see if you really need storage space for your desk. And if you do, how much space is actually required?

Farmhouse Computer Desk with large Cabinet and middle shelves

Selecting the right desks for home office can be a time-consuming and challenging task. However, if you stick to these guidelines it will be much easier to pick a good home office desk. Try to define a budget and then slowly narrow down the right options. You don’t need to buy the most expensive desk, instead focus on things like functionality, features, and benefits.

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