5 Gaming Room Setup Ideas on a Budget

5 Gaming Room Setup Ideas on a Budget - Bestier

The gaming industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. Statistics claim that setting up a PC costs around $800-$1200 on average. However, this cost can vary with the accessories, options, and setup type players want. Setting up the ideal room for gaming is just as important for most users.

Unfortunately, most gamers do not have the budget to create the ideal gaming room setup. Therefore, we have outlined some ideas that will not hurt your wallet. You can incorporate these ideas for your gaming room setup, without spending too much out of your budget. Let us begin.

Following are the top gaming room setup ideas you should keep in mind for your next project.

Simple Themes

Creating themes is one of the most costly elements of gaming room setups. People who have huge gaming room budgets can add almost anything that goes with their theme. However, this accumulates for a huge bill at the end. Therefore, we suggest sticking to a simpler theme.

For instance, you can create a visually appealing color theme with a few color and lighting upgrades. Add a few matching throw pillows, paint upgrades, curtains, and other accessories, and your budget gaming room will be ready in no time.


It is understandable if you do not have the budget to get ready-to-install accessories in your gaming room. However, there are plentiful DIY projects you can carry out yourself. For instance, you can go to a free designing website and create whatever designs you like.

If you do not want to go through that hassle, you can always ask a talented friend to draw something for you in your gaming room. 

Choose Second-Hand Items

Creating the perfect gaming room can often get out of hand considering there are a plethora of products you can choose from. However, these items can often go out of budget. An effective method to deal with this is to choose second-hand items for your gaming rooms.

For instance, you can look around in your peer circle, check online websites that sell second-hand items, or simply visit garage sales to find more affordable items.

We understand that this will slow down your gaming room setup process a bit, but it is still worth the trouble.

You can even find other second-hand items for your gaming room. For example, most of these places have wireless chargers, secondhand gaming peripherals, and much more to complete your dream gaming room

You can also choose other fun options like pinball machines as they can help bring more character to your ideal gaming room.

Add Complete Entertainment Centers

There is nothing better than having a fun entertainment center with LED lights in your gaming room. While games are a great way to make the best of your time, it is not all you should look for.

We suggest adding a few more elements to your gaming room to create the perfect entertainment area. We suggest creating a two-in-one system, for your gaming desk setup, and your theater. This may seem unconventional but is quite convenient.

It not only saves you plentiful space but will also help you save on costs as well. Gaming room setters can invest in a bigger, single screen, rather than setting up two separate ones. You can create an all-in-one entertainment center for games and entertainment with a surround sound system.

It would also be ideal to invest the extra money you save in other devices, installations, and accessories in the gaming room.

Print your Gaming Boards

Gaming boards are a traditional part of such rooms. However, you do not necessarily have to purchase these board games. Instead, you can gear up your printer, pick your favorite board game designs, and print them out.

This is a great option for board game lovers who want to save money, have multiple options, and much more. You can even save space with custom-designed boards, as smaller boards are easily portable.

Bonus: Choose Multi-Use Furniture

Finding the ideal furniture and upholstery for your gaming setup is the first step towards a well-occupied room. You wouldn’t want to add unsuitable gaming furniture, and upholstery to the room, and let it take unnecessary space.

There are several alternatives, like a storage ottoman, which allows users to store smaller game pieces. You can even keep a blanket nearby if you want to relax while playing a game. This way you do not have to buy a shelf, nor worry about the cluster of game pieces. 

Bottom Line

Creating an ideal gaming room is a dream for many people. Ensure you add multi-purpose furniture, a simple theme, make your game boards, and follow the rest of the suggestions in the article and you will have your ideal gaming room ready in no time.