8 Easy Decor Ideas To Instantly Transform Your Living Space

by Bestier Home

Transforming your living space is a great way to give your home an extra twist without spending too much. Homeowners can choose from several options when they want to make these upgrades, which make the whole process fun.

However, most owners want pocket-friendly and easy décor ideas to instantly transform the living space. Fortunately, we have lined up some of our favorite picks for easy décor ideas that you can incorporate into your living space.

8 Easy Décor Ideas to Instantly Transform your Living Space

Following are the best décor ideas to improve your living space instantly.

1.     Create a Cozy Lounge Area

Don’t have a reading spot at your home? No worries. Homeowners can transform any remaining area into a good reading spot by adding a few cozy chairs, a reading desk, and proper lighting.

 Try to blend furniture, upholsteries, and decorations that are both homey, and sophisticated. These simple upgrades will help you one-up your living space area, and make it look better than ever before.

You can get everything from entertainment to a chance to unwind after a day of hard work, or when you want to relax.

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2.     Don’t Avoid Black

Adding soft black pain to your living space is a simple, yet effective approach to upgrading your living space. The color makes everything else pop out, provides a more sophisticated background, and simply makes the whole setup eye-catching.

Moreover, since most living spaces have wooden furniture; it fits perfectly with the soft black background.

3.     Create an Empty Fireplace

A fireplace looks stunning in the living space, but there is much more you can do with it. Setting up an empty fireplace gives owners the freedom to experiment. For starters, the setup is texture-rich, allowing the designer to play around and blend different things.

Homeowners can utilize their fireplace and turn it into a good showcase area. For instance, several homeowners set up a pottery display or a standard artwork section in their living room to transform it instantly.

4.     Opt for a Window Treatment

Most home designers undermine the importance of spending on windows. These windows may look like a smaller part of your room, but they surely have an essential role.

 It is why most modern interior designers stress the concept that homeowners should focus on window treatment just as much as the rest of the room.

The best part is that you do not need to go too extensive with this. For instance, homeowners can easily upgrade their windows by adding patterns and designs that go well with the rest of the living space.

Moreover, you can choose wallpaper, paint, and other decorative options to blend a better design as a whole.

For instance, creating a cloud pattern in the living room including the windows is an increasingly popular trend. However, homeowners can take it a notch higher, and get the best possible results with their living spaces.

5.     Re-create a Book Shelf

Do you have a bookshelf that you like, but don’t go with the design you want? Well, it’s time to recreate the bookshelf in your living space. Homeowners can choose from a plethora of options, and amalgamate them to create breath-taking designs.

 For instance, ink spotted furniture, a clean-lined ladder, and a simple reading chair can help you create the ideal living space before you realize it.

These storage shelves are also just as versatile as the idea itself. For example, you can either set your favorite books up on these shelves. Or, you could add sculptures, paintings, and other decorative materials to create a more contemporary look in the living space.

Moreover, we suggest color coordinating your books to get a more aesthetically appealing result in your living area. It will make your living space look more cohesive, and make the brighter colors in the collection pop out a little more.

6.     Set up a Breakfast Nook

A breakfast nook may sound a cliché but it is not. Setting up a small breakfast area with a good view can help you instantly transform your living space. What’s more, homeowners do not need a build the breakfast nook to achieve this look.

 For instance, you can place a few chairs around a small table a bit far from a window, and you will have your breakfast nook ready before you know it.

The idea gives tons of freedom to the designers, as they can play around with the placement, material, spacing, and other factors of the design effectively.

 The breakfast nook with probably be the final piece in your dream living space area. Just make sure you spend sufficient time planning it, and you will be happy with the final result.

7.     Upgrade your Entry Way

Although guests spend a lot of time in the living space, it is not all they see. Most guests are quite observant when they visit a house. Thus, ensuring every section of your home looks top-notch is important. You wouldn’t want to spend excessive time creating the perfect space inside while having a tacky entryway.

You do not need to set up a grand foyer, but investing a little time in designing the perfect entrance can still help. A good option is adding a good console table to the mix.

Designers can also mix traditional and modern design elements and create a picture-perfect entryway. For instance, you can pick a traditional table with storage, and place modern artwork or upholsteries around it.

People also like adding sculptures, and other artworks in the entryway to create a more unique look as a whole. What you add doesn’t matter as long as it blends well with the rest of the entryway.

8.     Add Sheepskin to the Living Space

Achieving that perfect living room aesthetic is fairly difficult and people usually spend thousands of dollars on it.

 However, a simple yet effective idea is adding sheepskin. Sheepskin allows homeowners to add more elegance to their interiors, and improve how the complete home looks. The skin is easily affordable too, so you won’t need to worry about staying within budget.

Bottom Line

Finding décor ideas to instantly transform your living space is not difficult. All you need to do is have a basic idea of the kind of look you want. Simple ideas like sheepskin, upgrading entryway, creating a breakfast nook, etc, can help you greatly.

Just make sure you think of the living space design as a whole, and how it looks when it all comes together. Consult with professionals if you need more guidance on home decor

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