Minimalism and Furniture: How Can You Design Your Home?

by Bestier Home

Do you hate clutter? Does the idea of cleaning your home make you want to curl up in a ball and watch Netflix all day? Chances are your home has too much stuff, and you're feeling overwhelmed. However, you can simply ditch quantity for quality in 2022.

Embrace minimalism. What is that? You must be thinking. Well, minimalism is a lifestyle change that will help you feel a lot less stressed and help you make space for things that truly matter. Technically, this isn't the official definition, but it is surely a place to start.

If you're interested in transforming your home into a minimalist's dream, then keep reading.

Who is a Minimalist?

First things first, let's get to the root of what exactly is meant by the term minimalist? Worry not; it's quite simple. A minimalist is a person who only uses things that serve a purpose.

You can apply this theory to any aspect of your life. Negative people bothering you? Cut them off! Too much stuff in your house? Take out the trash! Need quality furniture to fit your minimalist lifestyle? Maybe check out some pieces on bestier and you’ll find some amazing and unique minimalist pieces!

How Can You Incorporate Minimalism in Your Home?

It is easy to read about things but putting it into practice can get troublesome! However, it doesn't have to be complicated. One extreme example of implementing minimalism in your home is to live without any furniture.

Maybe, that's a bit too much, to be honest. Perhaps you can start small! Begin by eliminating any pieces of furniture that might be too flashy or loud for your taste. Throw them out! No remorse. You can then replace these pieces with something cleaner and of higher quality.

But don't replace all the furniture! Remember the key point: quality over quantity.

Another way to incorporate a minimalist design in your home is by replacing your old items with something a lot simpler, with a monochromatic palette and hues only used in accents. If you love neutral shades, this will be so much fun!

In addition to this, focus on functionality and shape as well. Don't get something super bulky in a tiny apartment. That will defeat the whole purpose!

What are Some of the Best Minimalist Furniture Ideas?

If you're interested in something tasteful and forever trendy, try out some minimalist pieces to add to your home décor.

Here are a few broad ideas from various eras to implement in your interior design.

The Transparent '80s

Shiro Kuramata, a Japanese designer, became super famous in the 1980s when he took a postmodern view of the Memphis idea. If you look at his designs, you will swoon, 100%! They are from a limited choice of materials but are very aesthetic.

To achieve his style, you can incorporate acrylics, transparent glass or other such materials in your home. Make sure that you use it in multiple areas to maintain cohesion. Nothing screams chic more than proper organization!

With a minimal color and material palette, go ahead and adopt this style to be your reflection.

'90s Purist Pleasures

The 1990s saw such a boom in minimalist designers! They all used their form of art to combat the 20th-century consumerism cycle. See, the entire idea is that one should live in a simple way. Why make things complicated, or worse, cluttered?

If you want to achieve this aesthetic, think of the absence of the negative. Only keep things that truly mean something special to you. And no, 10 framed photos from the same day in slightly different poses probably do not contribute to that.

However, make sure you are not denying yourself either. You don't want to regret your decisions! It's your life. Live it the way you want.

The 21st Century Supernormal

The curious cat you are, you must be wondering, what does supernormal mean? Supernormal is a term coined by Morrison and Fukasawa to describe designs that make our everyday life enjoyable. Do you enjoy cleaning the dishes? Or washing clothes? Or even dusting the lamps around your house?

Probably not! So, this type of minimalism focuses on buying things that make these activities a lot more bearable. Maybe get a couple of beautiful lamps that meet the minimalist criteria. At least you won't have to clean up after them as much.

Some Minimalist Furniture You Can Include in Your Home

We have talked at length now about the various faces of minimalism. It is now time to put your plan to action. Let's discuss what furniture pieces you can include in your home to make it seem cleaner, brighter and more organized!

Minimalist Closet

Tired of swimming in a sea of clothes and never finding that one top you decided to wear after 10 years? Looks like you need to clean out your closet and maybe replace it too. Having a multipurpose closet can be fantastic; you will save on space and not hoard unnecessary items.

Seriously, throw that top out!

Minimalist Coat Hanger

When you have a dinner party at your home, think about how chic it would be when your guests hang their coats on a coat hanger that looks and feels ultra-luxe. You can go for something like this coat hanger to have your guests lusting after your sense of interior design.

Simple and effective—two favorite words of a minimalist.

Minimalist Kitchen Table

The kitchen is the heart of the house. Think dinner parties, hangout spots for gossiping and of course, delicious food! How amazing would it be to have a beautiful kitchen table that is eye-catching and sleek?

Take a look at this kitchen table to get a fantastic idea of what you can buy!

Minimalist Convertible Bed

What's better than a soft, comfortable bed? A bed that can turn into cute furniture, that's it! A multipurpose bed is such a lifesaver. Now the next time you get kicked out onto the couch, simply fold it open to reveal a soft bed!

Don't forget the extra storage space that comes with some models. Furthermore, you can even throw a super pretty blanket to make the atmosphere even cozier!

Some Parting Words for You

Less is more when it comes to the minimalist mindset. If you love the beauty of simple things, you should switch to the minimalistic lifestyle right now! Don't deliberate too much. A few good pieces of furniture will always be better than a ton of broken and ugly ones. Don't forget that!

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