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How to Set up the Home Office Perfectly?

How to Create the Home Office Perfectly? - Bestier

Your Guide to Creating the Perfect Home Office

Home offices have become a necessity in today’s world. Being able to work from home more often has really changed how we work and what we need in a home office. We’re now able to forgo the dreaded daily commute and the workplace is becoming more accessible to everyone, so long as they can connect to the internet.

Yet, working from home has presented its own challenges, of course. There is the possibility of distractions from family, roommates, or pets, small spaces that are already taken up with your other belongings, and so on. It can be difficult to really get your work/life balance, well, balanced when you’re working remotely. And your first step to making sure you have the right place to work, without too many distractions or hiccups.  

But what should a home office look like? Everyone’s needs in their home office are different, but there are a few essentials that every home office needs in order to function properly. People who work corporate jobs need a place to sit comfortably and work on their computers as well as paperwork. Those who have creative jobs need space to spread out their supplies and store their equipment. Everyone needs a flat surface, proper lighting, and the ability to organize their space enough that they’re still able to concentrate.

Working from home can be overwhelming if you don’t have the proper setup in your home office. Remote workers need to make sure that they have the proper space in which to do their work. So, it's important to consider a few different things when deciding how you’re going to put your own home office together. Let’s take a look at them.

Computer Desk with storage shelf

First, you need to consider your workspace. No, a couch or a recliner don’t count here. We mean the actual space you use to do your work. You need a table to work at, no matter what your profession is. A dedicated workspace is a necessity when setting up your home office. But how do you choose the right desk for you?

The right desk will fit into your space comfortably, not taking up so much space that you can’t move around it easily or it just becomes a landing space for your junk mail or unfiled paperwork.

The best kind of desk can morph into whatever you need it to be. That way if you change your mind or your workspace, you’re able to change up the desk to suit your needs! Sometimes you even need to be able to have space for a second person to be using the same space as you if home office space is hard to come by in your home.

That’s why we love the Two Person L-Shaped Computer Desk with an adjustable shelf. It’s a great way to have many different options for any space!

You can set it up to be a corner workspace or an extra-long workspace to be against a wall and save floor space. A corner desk is great for tiny spaces since it utilizes space that isn’t always used well. It’s easy to have multiple screens on a corner desk like this one, and really can give you that feeling of this workspace being your command center!

Having the right desk makes all the difference, and we’re confident that this desk can work for a multitude of different work-from-home setups. We also have many other home office desks that offer different storage options and come in an array of sizes for any space


Poor lighting will only make your working day difficult. Lack of proper lighting can result in eye strain, headaches, and just an uncomfortable workday.

Many people employ sun lamps. We’re still pulling an eight-hour workday, even if we’re working from home. That usually means we’re working during the hours that the sun is out, bright, and happy and that we’re unable to just go and bask in the warmth of the sun itself. Sunlight is important to our health

Figuring out what kind of lighting you need takes a quick assessment of the room you’re planning to use as your home office. If you already have a good overhead light, you might only want to invest in a desk lamp to illuminate your workspace.

Each space will require something different. And each person has their own lighting preferences. Some people prefer ambient lighting in which to do their work, others like a well-lit area. It’s all up to you!


Speaking of all that unfiled paperwork that you don’t want to take up your working space, let’s talk about organization.

Every office needs organizational assistance. Organizational items, as long as they’re utilized in the right ways, can really make any space work as a home office. It’s almost like magic!

A file cabinet, big or small, can help you keep your paperwork in order. Cord straps will help to keep your power cords neat and tidy so that you’re not accidentally unplugging them throughout the day. Small organizers for pens, paperclips, and other office supplies are essential, too, as you don’t want them to spread out all over your workspace.

It also helps to think outside of the box when it comes to possible organizational solutions. Things like rotating trays allow you to put a lot of your office supplies in one small space. By using a rotating tray (or Lazy Susan), like this one you can put it against a wall or cupboard and not worry about being able to access everything placed on it- just spin it and you can use everything!

Space-saving Furniture

Every average home office is confined to a small space. Most people won’t have an entire dedicated room just for a home office, that’s just how it must be right now. So, making sure that you utilize every bit of space you have available is crucial.

What kind of furniture can you get that saves space by pulling double or even triple duty? What kind of furniture works with the rest of the space your home office will be inhabiting?

Since you already have a desk that can change its shape whenever you need it to, let’s look at a few other pieces that can either do the same or have a few hidden

Sometimes the most adaptable furniture can be the most basic pieces you’d find in offices or other places in the home. Like a coffee table that holds all of your office supplies out of sight or a bookshelf that organizes all of your crafting supplies or paperwork.

Rotating L-shaped Corner Desk

Finding the right bookcase or shelving unit for the space you’re working in will do wonders when it comes to making the most out of your home office. Bookshelves don’t have to hold books, of course. They can provide extra space for files and binders that help you to keep your paperwork in order.

Luckily, bookcases and shelving units come in all shapes and sizes. If you have extremely limited floor space, you might want to consider a bookshelf that’s the perfect size to use as a nightstand or side table like this one. Small side tables that pull double duty can extend not only your organizational space but also allows you to expand your tabletop space. If your desk is on the small side, you can use a small shelving unit like the nightstand bookshelf to hold a lamp, a cup of writing utensils, or other items you’d normally store on your desk but might not need constant access to. It gives you a little more space to spread out without having to worry about taking up too much floor space.

We hope this article was helpful in helping you to envision the perfect home office for your living space. Our mission is to help your home become the most functional and comfortable of spaces, and that includes having a stylish and functional home office no matter how much space is available for it. We can’t wait to see how you’ve transformed your space into the perfect set up for your working from home experience!

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