How to Choose the Right TV Cabinet?

by li lorena

More than ever, we are spending a lot of time in our living rooms. In fact, it has become the center of activity for most singles and families alike. Nowadays, having the right TV stand or wall unit can make all the difference between having a space we love or simply a space we just use. Good furniture directly affects our mood, comfort level, and the overall enjoyment of our living spaces.

Today, let’s explore how we can maximize our living rooms function, comfortability, and style. Everything natural and rustic is fashionable again. The appeal of modern rustic décor is that on some level we intuitively feel more relaxed in an environment that mimics the natural environment. This is because in our modern society we are surrounded everyday with the latest in technology, an overload of bright artificial lighting, and most often a rushed lifestyle. When we come home, we want to relax and unwind in our own personalized retreat. Therefore, having a bit of rustic texture in our living space can help us feel more grounded. We can take a break from the stress of our high demand world.

bestier cozy living room tv stand tv cabinet

Floor Based TV Cabinets

Floor based, Modern TV Cabinets are compact, easy to install, easy to clean, and are more affordable than other types. Many of them come with the latest in technology and thoughtful built-ins. Let’s explore a few great options that combine rustic style with modern convenience.

1. This modern tv console cabinet with ample storage is well anchored to the ground and is ideal for larger television screens.  This TV unit also comes with LED Lights built right in. Our built-in LED lights can be customized too. This piece offers a no-nonsense look with excellent functionality and is a wonderful option for any space.

bestier tv cabinet with led light entertainment center with two cabinet and glass shelf

2. This casual TV Cabinet with pull out cloth drawers is an easy install and looks great in any space. It combines the best elements of a wooden tv cabinet with slick grey metal supports and functional easy-pull drawers. Its elegantly minimalist design hints at city sophistication while also offering an earthy appeal.

3. Metal and wood come together to create this stylish industrial TV Cabinet. This tv stand with storage offers elegant simplicity and notes of vintage industrial sophistication that combine with the warmth of woodgrain. It features decorative metal accents that crisscross along the open back and supports shelving throughout. An extra thick faux wooden slab readily supports larger televisions. It is an attractive storage cube TV stand and can easily house all your collectables, entertainment gear, and décor.


4. This rustic farmhouse aethetic entertainment center with 8 cube storage is built from solid faux wood panels to create an attractive natural look. This farmhouse TV Cabinet features an open and easy access minimalist design that easily displays all of your favorite items. There is plenty of room to display books, DVDs, game consoles, media players, and other living room essentials.

rustic tv cabinet with open storage cube for up to 70 inch

Wall Mounted TV Storage Units

There are TV units that go directly on the wall while others simply stand tall against an open wall. Either way, you get a lot of bang for your buck in terms of space, storage, and functionality. The main benefit of using a TV wall unit is that you can fill open wall space, which would otherwise go unused.

However, there are also drawbacks. Large wall units are heavy, bulky, and often very hard to move for cleaning. Another problem with television wall units is that they are often unable to accommodate larger televisions, as they do not fit inside the TV opening. The ones that do fit larger televisions, often utilize decorative wall panels that don’t really serve any purpose other than stylization. To remedy these challenges, we recommend adding extra shelving around or flanking your Bestier TV cabinet. Here a few style and color options that beautifully accent and match our Bestier TV stands.

bestier industrial 6-tier bookshelf bookcase storage rack

Putting it All Together

No matter what kind of television system you have, there are a myriad design solutions to help you meet your individual needs. Thinking about what you really want in an entertainment system will help you narrow down your options and choose the TV stand that is right for you. Consider things like storage, lighting, convenience of use, and access to your media gear.

Creating a luxurious media center in your living room is now easier than ever. At Bestier, we hope to provide you with all the tools and furniture necessary to transform your space into something truly magnificent!

From our family to yours, happy entertaining!

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