Making A Small Space Look Bigger in 2022: 6 Amazing Ideas That’ll Blow Your Mind

by Bestier Home

Minimalism has been one of the top design trends in the home improvement space since the beginning of the past year. Creative principles based on building the best homes through adaptability and sustainability has become all the rave, and rightly so! As a result, some of the most amazing home improvement ideas have graced our markets, even for those living in small houses and apartments.

Have a small space you’d like to spruce up?

The concept of designing a small space is not at all alien to our industry. Regardless of how little space you have to work with, we’re confident that anyone can create a truly magical home with the right tips. Here’s our take on how to make a small room look bigger in 2022. Some of these design ideas will blow your mind!

1. Determine A Purpose

Everyone has reasons for their decisions, especially when it has to do with home improvement. If you’re feeling cramped up in your apartment or room, then you must first determine what you hope to achieve by making the room more spacious.

Do you want to host more people in your living room? Perhaps you want a home office, but you’re worried about cramping up your apartment. Identifying the purpose of your action will give insight on how to rearrange your room to make it look bigger.

2. Embrace Decluttering

Less is more.

It’s not easy to throw stuff out, but it certainly makes no sense to pile them all up in a spot – you don’t have the space. One of the first steps to making your house feel bigger is decluttering and focusing on the essentials.

When decluttering, you may want to consider setting up space limitations for each of the items in your home. For example, all clothes must go in the dresser; you can give the excess clothes away or store them in a suitcase. You can also maximize a storage shelf to accommodate your plates, spoons, and other kitchen utensils. Check out some great ideas on how to declutter your home:

  • Start small
  • Create a checklist
  • Focus on one room at a time
  • Sort out all the junk mail
  • Donate non-essential items or sell at a garage sale

3. Incorporate Natural and Artificial Lighting

Windows, lamps, mirrors. That’s what anyone needs to give the illusion of a larger space (if you do it right). Here, the goal is to spread lighting around as much as possible rather than concentrate lighting in the centre of the room. Ditch the heavy curtains for breezy and lighter ones that’ll let in the sunlight, and make sure that your mirrors are positioned across the windows. The essence of this arrangement is that the mirrors will reflect the light coming in from the windows, flooding the room with sufficient light to make it look more spacious.

When choosing mirrors, we recommend going for large-sized mirrors that can fit the vertical length of your room. Make sure to paint your room in bright colors as well so that the lighting can bounce off the walls.

Having a hard time finding out what colors make a room look brighter and bigger? Soft tones and light pastel hues are great options. Some nice colors you can use include:

  • White
  • Blue
  • Grey
  • Green

4. Utilize Nooks and Crannies

Living in a small house means you’ll have to make the most of any free space available in your home. The walls in your kitchen are a great place to install cabinets and a small coffee bar or wine rack, and the ones in your bedroom can hold important books. If you live in a story building, you can maximize the space beneath the stairs for a small toilet for guests and older members of your family. You can also utilize the space for a bookshelf or small library for your kids.

Remember, the nooks and hidden spaces in your home can always be utilized for something more. However, you’ll need to be creative in your approach to avoid filling the spaces with clutter. Create a checklist of all those free spaces, and tick off essential items that can fit in those areas.

5. Pick Out Multi-Purpose Furniture

Regardless of the size of your home, you’ll need furniture. Surely you won’t ask guests to sit on the floor because you want to create as much space as possible in your living room, would you? We know furniture takes up a significant amount of space, begging the question of how to make things work with furniture. The answer is pretty simple. Get multipurpose furniture.

Wine racks, kitchen racks with casters, side board cabinets, and storage shelves can be condensed into a single unit, maximizing efficiency and saving more space. You can also go for collapsible shelves and tables that you can put away after each use. Choose smaller and compact sofas that won’t take up as much space and will give you more legroom.

6. Choose Good Flooring

Another amazing idea to make your room look bigger is choosing the right kind of flooring. We’ve established that light-colored tones for your walls are great for spreading natural light around, and the same goes for your floors too. Floors with light tones will brighten up your living space, further helping the cause to make your home feel more spacious.

You don’t have to be an expert interior designer before you can choose the right décor for your home. The Internet is a hubbub of great information that you can utilize to your benefit.


When it comes to home improvement, no one does it like Bestier. Bestier ranks as one of the top manufacturers of multipurpose furniture globally. Environmental sustainability is one of our standing principles, so we only use premium-quality materials in creating furniture to help build your ideal home. For us, it’s not just about raking in the numbers; it’s about providing solutions to everyday problems in the home improvement space.

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