Top 13 Types of Bedroom Furniture You Need to Know

Top 13 Types of Bedroom Furniture You Need to Know

The bedroom furniture includes the bed, nightstand, wardrobe, and more. Our guide will summarize the types of bed furniture and key selection points for you.

The bedroom furniture includes the bed, nightstand, wardrobe, dressing table, desk, mirror, and more. Our guide will tell you all bedroom furniture names, helping you create a fully functional perfect bedroom. In a well-appointed bedroom, essential furniture pieces reign supreme: the bed, a true centerpiece, and nightstands for bedside necessities. To keep attire organized, a wardrobe or closet is indispensable. For grooming rituals, a vanity or dressing table with a mirror proves invaluable, while a versatile bench or ottoman adds both seating and storage options. Functional workspace is assured with chairs paired alongside desks. Shelves or bookcases neatly house books and decor, while proper lighting and mirrors amplify ambiance and functionality. Rounding out the ensemble, rugs, and curtains add comfort and style, completing the bedroom's inviting allure. Which types of furniture do you think are most essential for your bedroom? Perhaps you can find the answers you're looking for by reading this article!



Types of beds

Choosing bedroom furniture, the first thing is to choose a suitable bed. For the most part, bed is an integral part of a comfy space. There are numerous types of beds to suit the diverse nature of people and space. For instance, platform beds for a modern look, canopy beds for elegance, bunk beds for saving space, daybeds for multiple purposes, Murphy beds for various uses, adjustable beds for personalized comfort, panel beds for a traditional feel, trundle beds for guests, four poster beds for luxury, etc. All the aforementioned beds come with their unique functions to optimize bedroom functionality and aesthetics.

Choosing the right bed frame

You are enabled to select a suitable bed frame based on the materials. For instance, wood feels more inviting and natural than wire for a bed frame, and its inherent warmth complements traditional and rustic furnishing schemes. Many hardwoods (oak and walnut, for example) are quite pricey, but will likely outlast you, while softer woods (pine, for example) are less expensive and no less attractive.

If you are looking for a modern and cutting-edge style, metal bed frames are an excellent option. They are usually made from either iron or steel, both hard and durable structural materials. They can be finished in matte or polished metals and will fit perfectly into any modern bedroom.

For those seeking comfort above all else, upholstered bed frames are also an excellent choice and help make your nights your own. From linen to velvet, you’ll never want to get out of bed in the morning. When choosing a fabric, think about which texture – cool or warm – you prefer. You can also match the fabric to the rest of your bedroom.

For a solid and practical bed frame, look for a metal model with built-in nightstands and storage.

Mattress selection

Finding the right mattress starts with prioritizing your comfort. Your preference may lean towards a plush, soft feel or a firmer surface that provides ample support. To gauge which mattress feels best for you, consider testing them out in-store or reading reviews from other users who share similar comfort preferences.

What’s more, support is crucial in a mattress to ensure your body is properly aligned and pressure points are minimized. Look for features like memory foam, which contours to your body's shape, providing tailored support. An alternative to this are mattresses that feature pocketed coils, which adjust to your unique movements during the night. Latex mattresses are very sturdy and conform well to different sleeping positions. 

Headboards and footboards

Choosing headboards and footboards can be fun! Here's what to think about:

Pick something that matches your bedroom decor. Regardless of the favored style, there is a headboard or footboard for everyone. To avoid overwhelming the room, remember to measure both the bed and room size so you get an appropriate-sized headboard or footboard. Headboards are great for both sitting up in bed to watch TV or read, while footboards can hold the bedding in place, and provide stability to the bed frame.

Think about durability and look. Solid oak headboards are classic and long-lasting. Metal frames, made from iron or steel, give a modern and sturdy feel. Upholstered headboards, in fabrics like linen or velvet, add luxury and comfort—and they often come with removable covers for easy cleaning. Match the materials with your room’s furnishings, like pairing a metal bed frame with industrial nightstands or a wooden headboard with rustic decor.

Some headboards and footboards have cool extras like built-in storage, lighting, or adjustable heights. Decide if these features will make your bedroom more functional and enjoyable.

If you're a fan of products with LED strip lighting, consider opting for an LED bed frame with a headboard and storage. It not only adds a modern touch to your bedroom but also provides practical storage solutions.


black rattan nightstand with two storages

As essential furniture in the bedroom, nightstands provide a convenient place to put items like lamps, alarm clocks, and phones. They also offer storage through drawers or shelves for books, glasses, and medications, making them easy to access. Nightstands enhance the functionality and organization of the bedroom, serving as important furniture that combines practicality and style.

When selecting nightstands, consider matching them with your bed frame for a cohesive look. For example, wooden nightstands complement rustic bed frames, offering practical storage with drawers. In modern settings with metal bed frames, opt for metal or glass nightstands for a streamlined look and open shelving. Choosing the nightstand that is made of P2 Grade particle board and supported by golden metal legs, blending style and functionality enhances both the aesthetic and organization of your bedroom.

When placing nightstands in your bedroom, aim for symmetry by positioning them on either side of the bed to create a balanced look. Ensure their height is compatible with your bed for easy access to items, and place them within reach for convenience. Leave adequate spacing between the nightstands and bed for comfortable movement, and coordinate their style and color with your bed frame and overall decor to maintain a cohesive design throughout the room. These considerations help optimize both functionality and visual appeal in your bedroom layout.

Wardrobe or Closet

Wardrobes are a significant addition to the world of bedroom furniture. The wardrobes are very popular and come with adjustable shelves, drawers, and hanging space in their offers to give a personalized storage space that is most effectively utilized. Closets are functional, although often require additional organization to reach the same extent of organization that wardrobes can provide from the beginning. When considering choosing a wardrobe or a closet, it is essential to take into consideration all items that need to be organized, the space available, and the customizability that you are looking for to optimize the functionality and design of your bedroom. 

When making choices between wardrobes and closets regarding design features like hanging space, shelves, and drawers, the differences are in the details:

Wardrobe: A wardrobe is a standalone unit that is designed to provide you with lots of storage options for hanging, folded, and stacked clothing.

Hanging Space: In a wardrobe, you get hanging rods so that you can hang and organize clothing on hangers easily.

Shelves: You can change and arrange the shelves to customize the storage for folded and stacked clothing or shoes, accessories, and so on.

Drawers: If you want a place for small items to hide out of sight, some wardrobes come with drawers. You could put socks, underwear, jewelry, or anything else that you would like to go unnoticed.

Closets are an essential storage feature that can be built-in or placed in a room as a furniture feature with the following features:

Basic Hanging Space: Closets typically have a standard hanging rod to hang clothes, however, the space will likely be less roomy, and will not offer the variety of a wardrobe.

Shelving: Closets will typically have basic shelf space to fold clothes, organize shoes, and store miscellaneous items, however, the shelving will not be as modular as wardrobes.

Limited Drawer Options: Many closets will not contain built-in drawers, but some closets may, meaning there will likely be less small item storage in a closet.

Vanity or Dressing Table

Makeup Vanity Desk of white Set with Mirror and Lights

A bedside table is another important furniture piece that represents storage by the bed, where people can leave their necessities, such as a cell phone or a glass of water. Thus, it is a highly functional and certainly beautiful way of keeping some of the essential ministrations of the beauty process neatly and conveniently stored and, therefore, contributes a great deal to the functionality and beauty of the bedroom.

In selecting of a perfect vanity you need to look into the size, storage unit, and kind of style that you desire. The size of the vanity or dressing table is also a critical consideration after looking at the bathroom’s structure since it needs to fit perfectly in the bedroom. A compact vanity is ideal for smaller spaces or cozy corners, while an integrated vanity combines a mirror and storage in a compact design. If you need more storage and workspace, a larger dressing table provides plenty of surface area and multiple drawers. Generally speaking, vanity feature drawers and shelves for organizing makeup, jewelry, and other small items. Dressing tables may offer additional storage options such as extra drawers or cabinets.

In addition, when you're picking a vanity or dressing table, the mirror, lighting, and seating are really important. The mirror should give you a clear view from different angles. Good lighting around the mirror helps you see well and avoid shadows. Comfortable seating, like a stool or chair, supports you while you get ready and fits the style of your vanity. These things make your grooming space practical and pleasant to use every day.

Bench or Ottoman

When choosing bedroom furniture, do you need to consider buying Bench or Ottoman? Bench and ottoman fall under type and can be classified according to style and need or requirements. Storage benches are useful as they can contain additional tabletops or drawers that are useful for storing items like blankets, pillows, or shoes below the seat. Upholstered ottomans provide additional nice siting opportunities and use various fabrics as advantages, making them more imposing.

While benches and ottomans are more or less used for seating, they are unique pieces of furniture that can be used in many ways. Consoles consist of storage spaces and seating areas, often situated in front of a home to put on shoes or hold possessions such as umbrellas. The bench in the bedroom can be used more often for sitting and putting on shoes or can be used as an accent piece placed at the end of the bed. Ottomans are useful furniture that you can find in the living room in the form of stools or footrests.

For optimal furniture placement, one needs to consider how benches and ottomans should be used as well as how integrated they should be about the rest of the interiors. If in the entrance hall, a storage bench placed close to the door will provide for shoes or items, without obstructing the path. In bedrooms, a bench placed at the base of each bed may be used for sitting or ornamental purposes. Ottomans elicit positive appreciation in the living room where they can be placed beside sofas or chairs, replacing the awkward space, or can be used as a center table with a table accessed on top.

Chair or Armchair

a chair beside the bed

However, from the perspective of chairs or armchairs as bedroom furniture, they provide several advantages. They come in the form of large bean bags for reading or general relaxation; their softness and supportive structures are perfect for lounging after a tiresome week at work. Whether they are placed in the corner or beside the windows, they are useful to give comfort to the bedroom area.

If you are choosing, for instance, a chair or an armchair, then the comfiness of the chair is what must be valued most. They should provide the body or cushioning and support to make it as comfortable as can be for the seating. Choose one that fits your bedroom’s style to ensure that it eases your anger soothing process, and is modern, traditional, or even eclectic. Chairs or armchairs are available in 20-36 inch widths, depths are 18-30 inches and they have heights from 30-40 inches high depending on design. You can opt for a chair or an armchair that is well sized to fit your body with more space consuming not.

In use, place the chair or armchair in such a pattern as to define comfort zones for reading or rest in the bedroom. For example, arrange them close to windows so that the foods are exposed to natural light and there is little noise.


Mirrors are many times used in bedrooms for utilitarian functions as well as aesthetic reasons. Two important categories of mirrors include clothes mirrors that are full-length and are useful in making sure that outfits are perfect and mirrors used for dressing which are wall-mountable and are used for grooming; they could also serve as bedroom decoration. Besides, embellished mirrors with fabulous frames and outstanding forms produce vantage points that enhance the beauty of a bedroom environment. Thus, the use of mirrors should be a functional decision, and the mirror, as an object, should appropriately fit into a bedroom.

When positioning mirrors in your bedroom, consider these placement tips for optimal effect: If possible, the use of a full-length mirror or large wall mirror is highly recommended as the focal point of the room to help the room look deeper and heavier. Take advantage of natural light and arrange the mirrors close to the windows as this enhances the lighting effects and makes the room appear larger. For convenience, position them within your dressing area or close to your closet for efficient grooming as well as evaluating your outfits before wearing them. Do not place mirrors in such areas that give reflection of unnecessary items or clutter on the walls instead direct the mirror in a way that will make the room more beautiful as well as useful.


I think beds are perfect for bedrooms because you have a desk for your work both formal and home-related without getting distracted. Whether it is school, work, or favorite activities, the bedroom desk is essential as it provides order to the environment and allows one to concentrate on pertinent items. It fits in perfectly in your room environment, it is therefore functional and comfortably designed to be a workspace.

The size, design, and color of the type of desk you need to choose should be put into consideration whenever you are selecting one for your bedroom. Before you finalize your purchase, this piece of furniture should be around 40 to 60 inches in length, 20 to 30 inches in depth, and 28 to 30 inches in height, do remember to measure the area where this will be placed so that the furniture does not overwhelm the space. As for styles, choose the type that matches your bedroom decor. The colors match like this, coordinating with the room's decor or highlighting individuality.


Sorts of furniture such as bedroom furniture and other furnishing like table lamps, floor lamps, and wall sconces are some of the significant choices. It simply means that depending on your hobbies you can according to the choice that you have. Table lamps have a wide range of applications they are usually placed on bedside lamp tables, desks, or any side tables. They are also suitable to be used as both ambient and task lights in large rooms such as the living room or the dining area. Sconces are lights that are mounted on the walls and may provide beam or general lighting as well as work as designs.

Bookcase or Shelves

Bookcases or shelves come in three types: The four basic types of ranges are freestanding, wall-mounted, and built-in shelves that are integrated into the wall.

Independent shelves are special shelves that can be mounted anywhere in a room and are not part of a set or other furniture group. You can make the books stored in this type of product if you do not have a study that you can make as your center for books. These shelves are mostly mobile and thus it is easy to relocate them making them a suitable option.

Floating shelves or shelf fixtures that are mounted on walls are the least invasive types in terms of space utilization. Other than books, other items that can be placed on the shelves include; statues, small plants, and players such as iPods and CD players among others. They can be customized according to dimensions. Built-in shelves save space as well, though the only drawback is once they are fixed, they cannot be moved.

Storage Baskets or Bins

storage baskets

Storage baskets or bins can be made of different materials, including wicker or rattan, fabric such as canvas or cotton, plastic, and metal.

Storage baskets or bins crafted from various materials offer distinct features: wicker or rattan for a natural aesthetic, fabric like canvas or cotton for flexibility, plastic for durability and easy maintenance, and metal for strength.

Rug or Carpet

Rugs or Carpets are typically made from materials such as wool, nylon, polyester, or blends of these fibers. Carpets made from different materials vary in comfort, durability, and maintenance requirements. You should carefully choose based on specific product descriptions.

Placement principles for bedroom carpets involve considerations such as:

Size: Cover the main walking areas around the bed and extend slightly beyond the furniture edges.

Positioning: Place the carpet centrally under the bed with equal carpet visible on all sides for balance.

Style: Choose a carpet color and design that complements the bedroom decor.

Maintenance: Regular vacuuming and occasional professional cleaning.

Curtains or Blinds

In bedroom furnishings, Curtains or Blinds are often overlooked items, but they play an important role not only in providing light control but also in beautifying the bedroom.

Curtains are typically made of fabric and improve the visual appeal of a room in addition to providing light blocking and privacy. Venetian blinds are usually made of wood, metal, or plastic, featuring a simple appearance and facilitating light adjustment, making them more suitable for minimalist users.


No matter what type of bedroom furniture you choose, the most important thing is that it matches your room's style! When purchasing, there's no need to buy every type; just choose the essentials! You can browse and pick from Bestier's bedroom collection to your heart's content.