What Colors Go with Cherry Wood Bedroom Furniture?

Colors Go with Cherry Wood Bedroom Furniture

The cherry wood bedroom furniture gives you an elegant and radiates luxury space. We will teach you to select the best colors to match your cherry furniture.

There are many colors that work well with cherry wood, such as beige, brown or soft red. But it doesn't have to be just for warm colors. If you want to buy cherry wood bedroom furniture or sets, you can consider the color of your bedroom walls, floors and other decorations. We have found 10 colors that go well with cherry wood bedroom furniture to sincerely give you a hand.

What does Cherry Wood Look Like?

The cherry wood look like a gorgeously warm rich red or reddish brown. The colors vary from dark to light.

What Colors Go with Cherry Wood Bedroom Furniture?

With a red tone, cherry wood is the warm color. You can pick out warm colors like red, yellow, orange, and brown, making your bedroom more coordinating. In contrast, selecting the cool colors to create the soothing. What’s more, you can also pick out the neutral colors to highlight the main color of the space effectively.

Beige/ Faded Yellow

Both beige and faded yellow are warm colors, which coordinate with the cherry wood, creating a casual, inviting look. It will help you achieve a pleasant balance when your wall or floor is beige or faded yellow.

Soft Red

Red has become one of the most popular warm colors. Because it makes the space more elegant and comfortable. But you should be aware that the red will compress the vision, making the room appear smaller than it really is. So it's not suitable for small spaces.

In addition, there are already red tones in the cherry wood so that is difficult for you to use red to match. Featuring the red decor for space, make sure to create enough variation between colors. For example,


If you don't like the darkness of the room and prefer brighter colors, gold is the way to go. Gold wall with cherry wood furniture tend to brighten up a room. At this time, the space looks warmer and more likely to create a pleasant mood.


The brown hue not only enriches the texture of the cherry wood furniture but also infuses the space with a lively spirit, preventing it from feeling too oppressive.

Indigo blue

If you're a big fan of blue, it's a good idea to pair indigo blue with cherry wood furniture. One of the dark accent colors is indigo blue. This special blue is not too deep or too dark, looking stunning in contrast with cherry wood.

Deep Green

Getting a cozy, cabin-like feel room, suggest you select deep green to match cherry wood. Adding dark green pillows, painting the walls deep green, or just putting up a nice deep green wallpaper, all makes your bedroom look like a forest.


Choose white to adapt the cherry wood to create a dynamic look. Sometimes, the bigger the color gap, the more amazing the visual effect. You don't even have to paint your walls, leave it idiotically white for easy color artistry!


Gray is a neutral color that makes a room sophisticated and clean. A simple color palette accentuates the style of the room and creates a calming atmosphere.

Pale green

Pale green is a popular interior paint color that makes your bedroom look natural, harmonious, and stress-free. When it comes across the cherry wood, making you closer to nature. 

Soft Pastels

Soft pastels like blues, lavenders, pinks, and greens create a serene atmosphere in a bedroom, perfect for relaxation. The warm hue and fine grain of cherry wood complement the pastels, blending natural beauty with artistic creativity.

5 cherry wood bedroom decorating ideas

Textured pillows

Add some cozy vibes to your cherry wood furniture with textured pillows in plush velvet, chenille, or woven materials. Spice it up with colors like deep blues or rich greens for extra warmth and style.


Give your cherry wood furniture a pop with some colorful artwork. Hang up paintings or prints nearby and toss some sculptures on shelves for a bit of extra charm.

RGB led

Spruce up your cherry wood furniture with RGB LED lights for a modern touch. Customize colors to match any mood or occasion. You can slap some RGB LED strips on the headboard, baseboards, bed frame, dresser, or nightstands to jazz things up a bit.

In many families, places like the living room or gaming setup usually rock RGB LED strips, like TV stands or gaming desks, to make things way cooler.


Adorn your cherry wood bedroom furniture with coordinating or contrasting sheets to enhance its aesthetic appeal and create a cozy atmosphere.


Blankets in cozy earth tones like beige, taupe, or olive green go great with cherry wood furniture. When you're picking out that blanket color, don't forget to think about how it'll vibe with your walls and floors.


The cherry wood are stylish, naturally beautiful, strong and durable, being suitable for as bedroom furniture. It’s important for you to pick out right colors after choosing the cherry wood bedroom furniture.